Tuesday, 25 September 2012

# 272 Showstopper Chess Cake

 Ok, I admit mine isn't much of a showstopper but I'm so happy it came out the way it did which was a lot better than I'd expected.

A. turned 13 last Saturday and after a lot of thinking and searching I decided to try one of the cakes in the book below.

Out of all the absolutely gorgeous cakes in there the Chess Cake was the only one that seemed achievable to me and once it was done A. was quite impressed by it. I'm really looking forward to another episode of The Great British Bake Off later today. Have you been watching it?



  1. I'm mighty impressed with your cake. I bet it tasted delicious. Happy Birthday to A.albeit belatedly!

  2. I think your cake is a show stopper and I bet you could make many in the book! The smooth chocolate topping on your cake looks divine! I have loved watching The Great British Bake Off and feel inspired each time I watch it.

  3. Your cake looks such a show stopper, I'm not surprised A was impressed! I love watching the bake off too, I was feel so sorry for them when disasters happen.
    Sarah x

  4. Wow Paula!! That is amazing! It looks very professional!! Well done! I have had to look at it about 6 times!! Yum