Wednesday, 19 September 2012

# 270 Summer evening walks

With the days getting shorter and Summer almost drawing to a close our family evening walks are put on hold again until next year.

We're lucky to live in a lovely small town surrounded by beautiful countryside so there's plenty of choice of where to go for a walk, however our most favourite place by far for an evening walk is the deer park.

The views are simply amazing whichever way you look and it's so peaceful and quiet we feel it's the perfect place to wind down after a busy day.

I hope you enjoy these photos, I know I'll return to them during those dark and gloomy Winter days.

If you'd like to see more then please visit my Flickr album here.



  1. Hello Paula. Your photos are stunning. We used to visit Richmond Park in Surrey where there were plenty of deer there too and such a delight to see. I have a Flikr account but I haven't the first idea how to use it. I went in last night just to get some ideas as to what goes on. If you've any advice I'd love to hear from you, perhaps by email? Thanks.
    Patricia x

  2. The photos are really beautiful. I have never been for an evening walk with the family! Maybe it is something for me to consider when the days lengthen again. The photo of the lone deer is stunning. x

  3. Beautiful photos. You can't beat a good country walk - we've had lovely weather here over the past week; unfortunately it's wet and windy today. x